Connections Are Everything


Painting With Joy

A group for those who love to paint and decorate with their projects in and outside their homes. Adults Only.


WHEN: Saturdays every other month @ 2pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Deborah Norris -

Wednesday Morning Men

A group of men who gather before work weekly for coffee, devotion and fellowship.


WHEN: Wednesday 6:00-7:00am

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Chester Slay -

Prayer Group

Group that will meet once a month for fellowship, worship and prayer for personal needs of people in the group and needs of other, church, and country


WHEN: 3rd Friday 6:00pm

WHERE: Home of Frances Adams

HOST: Frances Adams -

Intercessary Prayer

A group of women only that meet weekly for one hour every other week. A time of prayer with no socializing or refreshments.


WHEN: Every other Monday @ 1:30pm

WHERE: Home of Frances Adams

HOST: Frances Adams


A group for young married couples. We will discover what it takes to have a Godly marriage and what it means to live inside the blessing of a God-centered marriage. Marriage is a life decision! God wants it to be great! Let's make this journey the best it can be!


WHEN: Sundays monthly @ 5:30pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Pastor Andy and Lana Binion -

Living Loved

A group for women where we will study the Women of the Bible and see ourselves as we study their stories, immerse ourselves in their lives, and see more and more places where our lives intersect with theirs.


WHEN: Tuesdays 6:00-8:00pm

WHERE: Lumberton

HOST: Pastor LeAn Norman -

             Ann Hollister -

Drawing Closer Bible Journaling

A group for journaling and illustrating the Word of God to make scripture more meaningful and personal to you. We will have discussion and fellowship with idea and technique sharing, education on proper tools and correct supplies to use.


WHEN: 2nd and 4th Thursday 6:00-8:00pm

WHERE: Home of Annette Purington

HOST: Annette Purington -

Redeemed: Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life

A group of people using God’s word to make it through this thing called life.


WHEN: Tuesdays 6:30pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Holly Matherne -

Game Night

A group for those who enjoy playing board games, cards and dominoes.


WHEN: Fridays quarterly 6:00pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Michael and Vande Derrick -

Sharing Life Together

A group that will meet together once a month to share life with it’s ups and downs, what the Lord is doing in our lives and to fellowship together.

WHEN: 1st Tuesday of the month 6:30pm

WHERE: Home of Kyle and Donna Tanner

HOST: Kyle Tanner -

Donna Tanner -

Cookie Rookies

A class for those who would love to learn the basics of cookie decorating.


WHEN: 1st and 3rd Monday of the month @ 6:30pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Susan White

Drivin’ Me Crazy

Golfers and non-golfers gathering together for fun hitting golfballs at the driving range. Men and Women of all ages welcome.


WHEN: 3rd Saturday of the month @ 9:30am

WHERE: Mulligans Driving Range

HOST: Pastor Rick White

Inspirations from Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey is an award winning British series with many inspirational themes that this group will discuss each week after watching the episodes together. All adults are welcome. No child care provided.

WHEN: Sundays 6:30pm

WHERE: Home of Jim and Kay Moyers

HOST: Jim and Kay Moyers

Dance and Worship Movement Class

A group that will exercise, tone, and strengthen their bodies while learning about dance and worship. Everyone is welcome, long time dancer to dance rookies.

WHEN: Mondays 7-8pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship Youth Room

HOST: Jessica Thatcher

Sunshine Seekers

This is a group for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. We will be canoeing, kayaking, cooking on the grill, outdoor games, hitting the gun range, and so much more!

WHEN: Saturdays, Once a quarter

WHERE: Location of each event will be announced prior

HOST: Tisha and Trent Hinklin

Old Time Gospel Hour

Do you love the old time gospel hymns and songs? Join us monthly as we worship the lord to the songs we grew up on. If you play and instrument, bring it!

WHEN: 1st Friday of every month 6pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Judy Whitehead (direct all inquires to

Rubber Maids

A group that creates encouraging greeting cards from rubber stamps and other scrapbooking products. We will be making cards for the person noted in the church bulletin each week to encourage them.

WHEN: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 9am-2pm

WHERE: Home of Kelly Walker - Kountze

HOST: Kelly Walker


The group will be reading and discussing the Looking for Lovely by Annie F Downs, finding that through ordinary people there is beauty in everyday circumstances and hopes in God’s timing. God makes everything beautiful in His time.

WHEN: Tuesdays 6:30pm

WHERE: Christian Fellowship

HOST: Holly Matherne